Buy walnuts wholesale

Buy walnuts wholesale

Our company is a wholesale supplier of walnut kernel as well as wallnuts in shell. Today we are one of the largest exporters – wholesale suppliers of walnuts from Ukraine. We offer to buy wholesale walnut kernels at the best prices with us!

With responsibility, we can say that the quality of walnuts in Ukraine is always on top, as you can see for yourself (color, taste, smell, size and shape). Our walnuts are grown in ecologically clean areas of Ukraine. We provide all the necessary quality documents and conclusions of the competent authorities, including on radionuclide. Harvesting, storage and transportation of walnuts meets all international standards.

In order to evaluate us as a wholesale walnuts supplier and ensure the quality of walnut, we invite you to visit our production in Ukraine. We practice shipping of specimens of walnut kernels or walnut in shell. Also, you can immediately buy the necessary batch of walnuts wholesale at a good price.

We supply wholesale walnut kernel in such forms: 

  • Half (1/2) of light or dark walnut
  • Quarter (1/4) of light or dark walnut
  • Mix of halves and quarters
  • Walnut in shell

How to buy walnut wholesale and what is the price for a walnut?

 Below are the wholesale prices for walnuts. Walnut prices are provided to understand the benchmark. They may vary depending on the volume, methods of payment, time period, exchange rate and other factors. To calculate the price on your request – send us the appropriate request.

You can buy a walnut by signing a pre-contract for the supply of walnuts. Before this, you can get acquainted with the production, quality of products, visit our office in Ukraine or Dubai. After signing the contract and fulfillment of the payment terms, we begin to prepare the walnuts for loading. Later we carry out customs clearance of goods and delivery of finished products to your warehouse.

Information for the purchase of beef wholesale :

Geography of deliveries: Europe, Asia, Persian Gulf, China, America and other countries.

Packaging: walnut kernels in a vacuum package of 5 kg per box (10 kg) or walnuts in shell in bags of 25 kg each.

Delivery: auto, sea and air transport, taking into account temperature features.

The minimum order: 1 ton with picking up by yourself or from 5 tons with delivery.


Walnut kernels price wholesale (FCA Ukraine):

walnut in shellfrom 1 $/ kg
dark kernel of walnutfrom 4 $/ kg
light kernel of walnutfrom 4,5 $/ kg




Contact us for miscalculation the price for walnut with delivery (CIF, CIP, CPT) or other information.


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